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Natural Enhancers and Boosters For Men to Go Long Journey

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another article which talks about men booster


To all members of this SURE TRUTH i highly recommend this excellent remedy for low libido for both men and women, poor erection and premature ejaculation for men. Its a natural drink with numerous benefits to health and well being. Continuous intake will completely eradicate low libido, premature ejaculation and weak or poor erection. I will outline the health benefits of these nuts in our next class






– Soak your tiger nuts and dates for one day so it can be soft enough

– Wash and throw away the water, open dates and remove the seeds

– Break your coconut, remove the water and keep, cut the coconuts into sugar cubes ready for blending

– Wash and peel small ginger

– Combine all items in a bowl

– (optional) crush in a MORTAR or grinding stone if your blender is not strong enough

– Pour inside a blender, add one cup of cold water or ice block and blend all perfectly until it is soft and smooth

– sieve using a new or clean napkin and separate the milk from the chaffs.

– (optional) add any flavour of your choice

– Pour inside a glass or bottles and refrigerate immediately

– Don’t throw away the chaffs, dry it under the sun for two days and keep in a close container, still have so many health benefits which i will teach in our next class and what you can use it for.

– Drink as much as you can, its natural and good for your health with no side effect.


This drink cannot withstand heat for more than one hour, that’s why i said use cold water or ice to blend, you can still use normal water but make sure you refrigerate immediately after preparation else it will get sour and the taste will change

Also the drink should not exceed three days, so make small quantity that can be consume within three days and i prefer u keep in a freezer

– Another excellent recommended remedy that goes alongside the drink is Moringa leaves and whisky

– Get a handful of Moringa leaves, wash and pour inside half bottle of whisky or any gin, allow the leaves to infuse with the whisky until the colour of the whisky turns to green, sieve and throw away the leaves.

– Take one shot three times daily, if you notice any negative reaction to your body adjust to two or once daily

– Also make water melon your daily fruit, throw small salt and powered ginger on it and eat

– Lastly always eat bitter cola, its excellent for weak erection and premature ejaculation


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