Seven Things You Should Not Do When Stopped By A Soldier At A Military CheckPoint

The following are some of the things you should not do when stopped by a soldier at a military check point:

1. Don’t get out of the car unless told to do so. The soldier may be requesting your identification or documentation, and he may need to inspect it for contraband.

2. Do not reach for your wallet or purse, even if it is open and within reach. If you must reach for something, keep it in your lap and make sure that the officer can see it clearly from his vantage point.

3. Don’t argue with the soldier about why you were stopped or what you have been asked to do. An argument will only escalate matters and cause an unnecessary delay in processing your request for authorization to enter Iraq or Afghanistan.

4. Do not make any sudden movements such as reaching into your car, pulling out papers from your briefcase even if they are legitimate, or fidgeting with anything else in sight while standing at attention next to your vehicle even if this is necessary.

These movements might make the soldier think that you are concealing something illegal in plain sight, which could lead him to search further into your vehicle or even detain you until more backup arrives.

5. Do not try to explain who you are or why you are traveling from point A to point B, because this will only make things worse for you if you get caught by the soldiers at the military checkpoint. The best way to do this is just keep quiet and let them do their job without any trouble from you.

6. Do not argue with the soldiers when they tell you that your papers are fake or that there is something wrong with them even if they look like they might be fake.


If they say these things, then it means that something is wrong with them and that there are people who would like to use these documents as evidence against you if they catch up with you later on after getting through with their jobs at checkpoints around the world today.

7. Don’t offer bribes to soldiers or ask for bribes.

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