Many People Die By Drowning In Car Just Because They Didn’t Know This (Read Full Details).

Many people have died by drowning just because they didn’t know this; how to safely eject from your car when caught in a stream of water.

The car by engineering and design is meant to float in water and the back window will always be facing exit. This is because the front side of the car has more weight than any other side, that is why cars sink using the front side. Hence, the rear window /side will be the last part of the car to sink (car manufacturers did it purposely).

When in a car, incase you find yourself under water don’t panic, just follow these guidelines below;

1. Don’t waste time and energy trying to push or to open the door.

2. Don’t open the window, the force of water entering the car won’t allow you out.

3. Take out the head rest.

4. Use the steel sharp point and break the rear/back window written kick out glass.

5. Once successfully out of the car, swim to safety or call out for help nearby.

Note, the car will only float the first 1 to 10 minutes or even less because water will get inside and it has to sink. So the process must be quickly done. The car is neither air nor water tight; except those few designed amphibious; so it will sink. Breaking the glass will only help depending on water level.

Simply avoid driving once water level on road is two inches high to avoid being swept. The vehicle is sure to drift thus likely to be swept away when mobile than when static. Simply don’t take the risk into thinking you can easily make the distance but stop and park on a higher and safe ground.

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