What Kind Of Thief Is This?” Take A Look At What This Guy Stole That Got People Laughing

Because of digitization, most Ghanaian homes are now using liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions. The ‘old’ type of television, locally called ‘atikor por tv’ is almost out of the system. Because of the flat-screen televisions, most Ghanaians now feel shy to even use the ‘atikor por tv’ in their living rooms.

As a result of this, many Ghanaians were shocked after coming across this guy who broke into someone’s room just to steal ‘atikor por tv’. Watching the video carefully, you can see that the residents made him carry the television that he stole. His facial expression also shows that he has been beaten before they asked him to carry the television.


Some primary students were captured in the video hooting at this thief. This is a young man probably between the ages of 18 and 25 years. So people were wondering why an energetic man decided to steal an old television instead of working hard and buying a new television for himself.

Some Ghanaians after watching the video said that the gentleman has disappointed them. They argued that the television he stole is no longer relevant in the system. Others were just laughing at the guy as they started that there must be something wrong with his thinking.

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