Is This Ghana? Take A Look At What These Ladies Were Doing In Public That got People Talking

Ghana is known as one of the religious countries that believe in their culture. They have a way most of the youth and the old women and men dress which is acceptable by the society. Well, it seems things are changing comparing the good old days to now.

Now, you could identify most of the youth are copying the Western culture and forgetting our own. Especially the ladies you could witness most of the dress exposing some of their private parts which suppose to be covered but they don’t care. They feel okay without hesitation.

Why am I saying this? A viral video of ladies who will probably be in their 20s to 30s has got people talking. In the video, these young ladies were wearing some exposing dresses and dancing in public while people were taking pictures and videos. This happened at the Nungua bus stop.

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