Boy Spanks A Lady On Her Backside And Runs Away

A fine lady with beautiful huge backside curses a boy who spanked her bum bum and ran in Computer Village. People at the scene cheered the act as they saw it as an interesting scene. Only a handful of people probably would think it’s a weird scene.

The boy who spanked the beautiful young lady hopped away like a small chimpanzee. This act is really inappropriate by society’s standards. If we all think alike and have similar values and upbringing, certain things such as this act would not happen at all. The boy ought to be caught and punished for the inappropriate act.

But on the other hand, the lady is not suppose to be that angry to ruin insults on the boy publicly. Considering the way she was dressed, she needed attention and she got enough of it. The question that needs so many answers is, “why will some women choose to to disgrace themselves in the way they dress? At the end of it all they expect people to respect them.

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