Insider report on why all top journalists are leaving Citi FM and TV

One of Ghana’s finest media houses, Omni Media, owner of Citi FM and Citi TV, has lost almost all its top journalists in the past few months.

The resignation trend went up in the past few weeks, with close to five top journalists leaving the station en masse.

Prior to that, many other journalists like Jessica Opare-Saforo, Kojo Akoto-Akoto Boateng, Dzifa Ametam, Tahiru Fentuo, et al. had all left the station.

Massive resignations hit Citi FM/TV as all top journalists resign
New departures from Citi FM and TV included AJ Sarpong, Kokui Selormey Hanson, Daniel Koranteng, and even rumours about the resignation of the managing director, Samuel Attah-Mensah, aka Sammens.

Why would the MD, who is regarded as the father of Citi FM and Citi TV, even decide to part ways with the station he painstakingly birthed?

That is where the rubber meets the road…

The Citi FM and Citi TV Ownership Fued
Closed sources suggest that there is a brewing feud between Nick Amartefio, owner of Omni Media, and the managing director of Citi FM and TV, Sammens.

Sammens is of the view that since he was the one who birthed Citi TV and put all the necessary ideas into action to make it possible, he qualifies to call himself the owner of the television station.

Nick Amartefio, owner of Omni Media
Nick Amartefio, reportedly, does not agree with Sammens because he was the one who poached him (Sammens) from Joy FM, brought up the idea of starting a media firm, and invested money in the establishment of Citi FM.

Nicholas Amatefio is said to think that since he is the media company’s financier and bankroller, any further subsidiaries that have been established recently are his and his alone.

As a result, there has been back and forth between the two parties, making the media company an unfit environment for productive work. According to an insider report, this may have influenced these journalists’ and employees’ choice to leave the stations.

According to sources, all these journalists who have left have cautiously done so so that in case Sammens and Nick Amatefio part ways, they won’t be caught up in the crossfire.

Already, the studios of Citit TV have been moved from the shared offices at Adabraka to Tesano. This is, supposedly, to make a statement about the new ownership of the station.

Massive resignations hit Citi FM/TV as all top journalists resign [ Full List] Massive resignations have hit Omni Media, owners of Citi FM and Citi TV, as almost all the top journalists have left the station.

Within months, all these experienced minds who held the station down and were the reason many tuned in decided to leave en masse.

Many do not understand the motivation behind their collective decision to leave the station, considering the pedigree of the media house and what it offered.

Notable names like Jessica Opare Saforo, when she announced her resignation from the station, broke many hearts who had come to associate her with the Citi brand.

One funny twist is that most of these journalists who left Citi either joined Multimedia Group (Joy FM), Media General (TV3), or went into something completely different.

Fentuo Tahiru Fentuo currently works with Multimedia Group after leaving Citi, Kojo Akoto Boateng works on his private business, Jessica Opare-Saforo is now a YouTuber, and Philip Ashong currently works in the FCMG sector.

Although the apparent reason for their leaving is unknown, many have speculated that internal wrangling, poor corporate governance, and underappreciation are some of the primary reasons.

Meanwhile, Bernard Avle, who is the general manager of the station, and Samuel Atta-Mensah, who is the managing director of the station, have yet to provide explanations for the many resignations. See the FULL LIST HERE.

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