If You Want A Girl To Stay With You, Avoid Asking Her These Questions

Some things should be considered in a relationship to ensure that it lasts a long time. Emotionally, women are vulnerable. There are some questions that they despise being asked. The following questions should not be asked by men to their female partners since they may cause her to despise you.

Over the phone, who were you speaking with?
When their beloved women make phone calls with other guys, males can become envious. Even if you want to know who your woman speaks with, asking this question makes a woman feel uneasy.

Why do women hate being asked this question?
Women are irritated by the inquiry. Asking this inquiry makes it seem as if you don’t trust her. She has the impression that she is not trusted and that she is being accused of having other affairs. She feels as if she is not allowed to hang out with her male friends.

Women, on the other hand, are exceedingly choosy and categorical. They group people together, which is why not everyone with whom a woman smiles is in her heart. Others are just ordinary buddies to her.

What did you like about your X guy and how did he treat you?
Many ladies despise being asked this question. Because you asked him a question, a woman might avoid you.

Why do women hate being asked this question?
Well, every woman believes that what happened in the past should not be brought into the present, especially when it comes to relationships. Women are devastated by breakups and desire to forget about their previous relationships. When you question her about her previous relationships, she remembers how she felt.

Why do you care about me, and how much do you care about me?
This is a question that women despise. It makes them feel insecure, but they still give their all. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. What additional questions do you believe males should refrain from asking women? Let’s add another item to the list.

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