If You Have A Tiny Hole Above Your Ear, This Is What It Means.

Do you have a tiny hole just above your ear or you have seen someone with that? Today in this article we will be discussing about that tiny hole and it’s effects, so do well to read through this article to the very end.

The name of that tiny hole located at the upper side of the ear is called preauricular pit.This hole marks a sinus tract under the skin that’s in the wrong place. These tracts can vary in size. Africans have attributed this pit to several spiritual myth which all proves to be wrong.Some of the myths are:

1. It’s symbolize that you are a servant of God because all the prophets in the bible has this pit.

2. It means you are a supreme being with supernatural powers .

Science has proven all this to be false because preauricular pits are congenital. This means you are born with one when your ear does not fully develop before birth.

These pits may occur on one or both ears, and there may be more than one pit present. However, it is more prevalent for there to be a pit in only one ear. Research has shown that the hole is correlated to a sinus tract that should not be there. This track runs under the skin, and its path can either be short or long and confounded.

It is also important you know that these holes are minor abnormalities that do not induce serious complications. However, some people evolve an infection in the pit and the sinus tract. Sometimes, an abscess may form at the site of the pit. Recurrent infections may need surgery.


Infected preauricular pit may induce abnormal pains which later turn to sore on the pit. Patient with this disease should take note.

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