Hold Agradaa responsible if anything happens to me – Don Little

Actor, Don Little, seem to have taken the recent comments made about-face him by festish priestess now turned an envangelist, Nana Agraadaa as a threat.

Agradaa and Don Little
Diminutive kumawood actor recently made headlines after labeling popular fetish priestess turned a preacher, Nana Agradaa a fraudster after news broke of her charging her members 300 cedis as membership fees.

This news didn’t sit well with Don Little who heavily backlashed the evangelist in a viral video on social media for days.

Reacting to Don Little’s criticism, Nana Agrdaa mentioned that DOn Little should have been ransom for the demise of Kumawood actors Bernard Nyarko and Osei Tutu in a video that made waves online.

Don Little has however, is not take Nana Agradaa’s wish of death, as a joke. Don Little has asked the Ghana Police Service to hold her responsible if anything bad happens to him.

“Dr Dampare (Inspector General of Police), I have a request to you, this is what Mama Pat has said to me; she says she will throw me away whenever she meets me. So my life is in her hands now, if anything happens to me hold her responsible,” he stated on Oman Channel’s judgement Day programme.

“I’ve appeared on her programme before, it was through Kwapea and Big Akwes who I am in the same industry with that I met her. We all go to her and give her that respect. But when have I ever gone to her home to eat or beg that Mama Pat give me money? Never, not even 10 pesewas from her. If she says I am lying let her produce her evidence,” he stated.

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