Health advantages of eating face the wall

Konkonte is a staple food, eaten in certain pieces of Africa including Togo, Ghana, and others.

In Ghana, Kokonte is eaten by the majority of the ethnic gatherings like the Ga, Akan, Hausa.

Konkonte is otherwise called “Face The Divider”, “Abitie” and so on

Nana Kofi Owusu, a Speaker at the Branch of Nourishment and Dietetics, School of Associated Wellbeing Sciences, College of Wellbeing and United Sciences, Ho, Ghana where he addresses a wide assortment of courses remembering Sustenance for Exercise Physiology and Sports, Diet, and Sickness, said on Accra-put together UTV’s ‘Adekye Nsroma’ morning concerning the conversation of “Heath advantage of eating kokonte” that, kokonte is one of significant food that a great many people misjudge, however, it is much better than “Fufu” in term of its medical advantages.

In the conversation, He recorded the medical advantages of “kokonte” as follows:

1. “Kokonte” helps the gastrointestinal system for better processing of food.

2. It purifies the body

3. It gives normal vitamin B and C to the body.

4. It contains Favorable to biotic, Cell reinforcement and construct collagen in the body.

5. It additionally assists treat with tolerating messes.

Likewise, the prestigious human wellbeing Scientist and library right hand at the College of Ghana clinical school, Korle-Bu, Mr Effa Baffo Gyamfi and boss supporter for preventive wellbeing has uncovered on the katanka television ‘Ftomfrom’ morning show on a similar subject of “Medical advantages of konkonte” that, konkonte is one food that everybody ought to eat particularly ladies because, the food helps them from contracting vaginal contamination, vaginal scent and assist with recuperating wounds after labour.

As indicated by him, eating “kokonte” with groundnut soup increment your life expectancy to 10years.

Again he said “kokonte” fixes prostate problems, directs glucose, support the resistance framework, treat stomach related issues, assist the heart, go about as an Anti-toxins, control weight, ignite with fatting, help diabetes patient, help asthmatic patient, manages the feminine cycle and purify the body.

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