10 Types Of Animals You Shouldn’t Eat As a Christian, According To Leviticus


As a born-again Christian, you need to obey those fixed rules when you’re looking for something to eat. Not every food or object that is out there is considered safe to consume. According to chapter 11 of Leviticus, God Almighty has laid down some laws for Moses and Aaron to instruct his children on what to eat and what not. He instructed Moses and Aaron that it is considered clean and respectable for his children to eat any animal that chews the cud and has a completely split hoof. Yet any animal without a split hoof is considered unclean, even though it chews the cud, so you should not eat its meat or touch its carcasses.

Split hooves are animals whose toes are completely separated from one another. You have to remember that certain animals have a split hoof but do not chew their cuds. Even God the Almighty treated these creatures as unclean for eating.

With that said, let ‘s dive through the list of animals that God found prohibited from eating for his children. In the following are ten animal types that you can not eat as a Christian.

1] Pig

Pig is one of the animals that, if you prefer, have a completely divided split hoof or cloven hoof, but doesn’t chew it is cud. To Christians therefore it is considered unclean to feed. Naturally the pigs are filthy in nature. If you’re a Christian who already loves pig meat, you better quit.

2] Camel

Camel is also one of the species who chew the cud but don’t have a fully separated split hoof; this also makes it unclean for Christians to eat or touch the carcasses they are. Better watch what kind of dried meat (Tico) you ‘re purchasing from the market.

3] Rabbit

Rabbit is for Christians to feed an unclean animal too. While Rabbits chew it is cud but it has no split hoof. If you are a Christian and enjoy eating rabbit meat, you will avoid praying for the mercy of God upon your soul.

4] Dog

Even though we are morally unethical to feed dogs, Christians are still discouraged from consuming dog meat. Because dogs don’t chew their cuds, and have no hoof break. When you are a Christian and you eat dog meat, then you will pause and ask for forgiveness.

5] Vulture

You as a Christian would detest consuming a Vulture’s meat. The Vulture is considered a bad bird, and it also feeds on decline and dirty things, making it unclean to eat for Christians. Touching such carcasses is also unclean for you.

6] Catfish

Even God the All-Powerful told us to consume only scale fish. Some fish or animals that live in water should be avoided, and are without scales like catfish. For Christians they are considered unclean to eat. Many of you who love barbecue catfish please have a rethink.

7] Snake

Do you agree with me that some people enjoy snacks and boa? These animals are deemed unclean for consumption by Christians. If you’re a Christian and you’re eating Boa or some kind of snakes, then you need to stop and pray for purity.

8] Eagle

Eagle is often considered unclean for Christians to eat as it feeds on items that go down and are filthy. It is God the All-Powerful who has not given me these laws. When you are in doubt, please feel free to pick up your bibles and look up at chapter 11 of Leviticus.

9] Rat

You would agree with me, too, that some people really enjoy eating rat meat? I have to remind you that Christians are discouraged from eating Rat, as it is considered unclean. Someone who eats a rat’s meat or touches its carcasses will remain unclean until nightfall.

10] Crab

The Crab, and Christians like it, are both prohibited to eat because they’re considered unclean. When you’re a Christian, and you want to eat Lobster, Shrimp , Crab, Oyster Snail and the rest. Almighty God has said they ‘re unclean to you. You will become unclean if you feed them.

If, by accident, you come into contact with any of these animals mentioned above, or your pot was used to prepare them, or they fall by accident into your clay pot. You need to immediately dispose of that bowl. When any of the above animals enter your skin, you must wash the cloth immediately, says the Lord your Father.

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