Ghanaian Philanthropist Honoured In Saudi Arabia.

Young Ghanaian Philanthropist, Sheikh Abdul Muhsin Baafi, has been honoured with citation in Saudi Arabia for his works in Humanities.

Sheikh Baafi, who’s the Director of Hybrid Leading-Edge Company and Leading-Edge Academy Kumasi Ghana received a certificate of appreciation for service to humanity in kingdom Saudi Arabia, from scores of renowned Saudi Arabian foundations.

He has over the years, alleviated Families in extreme poverty and provided infrastructure support to communities in rural and northern communities of Ghana.

Africa as a continent, is the largest beneficiary of foreign-aid ranging from physical cash, to infrastructure, basic social amenities, all in an efforts to better lives of the vulnerables and less privilege.

Most of these aid come from foreign NGO’s and Governments.

A special mentioning should be made of the complimentary efforts of charitable organizations.These organizations are able to, through their benefactors, provide social amenities for towns and villages.

Receiving the awards, Sheikh Baafi express gratitude to Almighty God, and to the benefactors for their support in the provision of hundreds unit of classroom blocks for schools, portable water, among others, for the deprived and less privilege in the Ghanaian society.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Adil Abdallah CEO Of Abar Investment Saudi Arabia

By Abdul Basit Oudrago – Saudi Arabia

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