Gay partners declared wanted


Muslims in Kumasi have declared two young men, Mohammed Saedu Anmaruk and Abdul Aziz, sought for homosexual-related offenses, which are prohibited under Islamic law.

Members of the community particularly Tafo Zongo discovered suggestive and obscene images of Abdul Aziz and Mohammed Saedu Anmaruk. Abdul Aziz was approached, and he later revealed that he was gay, that Mohammed was his same sex lover.

On the orders of the Muslim leadership, the community youth attacked Abdul Aziz. He had head and bodily injuries as a result, but managed to flee his home and has been missing since.

The event occurred on November 21, 2022, while his accused partner Mohammed Saedu Anmaruk was in Togo for a business deal. During his absence, his house was besieged, and his wife was threatened. Fearing the unknown, the wife called Mohammed immediately to warn him of the occurrence and asked him not to return till further notice.

Mohammed was forced to seek asylum in Togo for a week and has not returned to Ghana since.

When we visited Mohammed’s home, his wife was terrified, and the event has sparked public outrage, with some neighbors and tenants pointing fingers at her.

According to reports, the people, who were primarily Muslims, initially threatened Abdul Aziz with heinous homosexual crimes, and youth groups were alerted.

Both Abdul Aziz and Mohammed Saedu Anmaruk have since vanished, and their locations remain unknown.

Same-sex partnerships are a major criminal in Ghana, particularly in Muslim communities where Islamic norms are revered.

In the last three years, many Muslim adolescents have abandoned their family homes to unknown locations because they are skeptical of the activities or have been caught up in them.

Sections of Ghanaians who oppose the attacks are viewed as moles and utilized as scapegoats in locations where they are accountable.

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