‘Four Types of Destiny Helpers You Must Need in Your Life.’

Destiny, which is also known as our lifetime destination, is one of the most important things in our lives. The calibers of people who will help transport a person to his destiny are described below.

1. Destiny Connectors: These type of people do not have direct solution to your problem but can connect you to people who can solve it for you or help you out. It takes decernment to recognize them because they don’t always appear like they can help you. In the Bible for instance, it was a little girl who informed Naaman the leper about Elisha, through her, Namaan encountered Elisha and was healed.

2. Men of Influence: Another type of destiny helpers you must need in your life are men who have influence. These are people who have capacity to let the favor and grace of God work for your life. Since grace will cause you to receive what you don’t deserve, it will take people who are influential and can thus influence ministers, doctors, lecturers and so on to favor you. Whenever men of influence step into your case, you don’t need qualifications again. May God cause you to get someone who is influential.

3. Gifted People: You also need gifted people in your life in order to get to your lifetime destination. Gifted people are those who don’t waste time or struggle when it gets to their turn to deliver duty. When you have them in your life, all what we call inconvenience, mistakes, errors etc will be minimized. Let’s assume that you buy a brand new truck for someone who is not gifted in driving, in two weeks time he carelessly hits the truck with a tree and it destroys. You will be at loss for not employing a trained and gifted driver who can do the work for years without errors.

4. Burden Bearers: These are the type of people who will love and care for you, not for what you have but for who you are. Burden bearers will always be with you both in happiness and in sorrow. They will always be with you in whatever situation. I pray that may your soulmate be a burden bearer to you.

May you achieve your dreams through these people, and may you get one when the need arises. Amen!

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