Desist from political expediency and encourage patriotism Paul Adom Otchere told

Mr. Paul Adom Otchere, the host of Metro television Evening Ghana show has been asked to desist from political expediency and encouraged patriotism to move the country forward
Mr. Agbenya Precocious, a political activist and member of the Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) gave the advice
following his recent comments trying to demonise Torgbui Afede who demonstrated of being a patriotism and statemanship by refunding the ex-gratia paid to him by the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) which he said has become a nuisance in the eyes of Mr. Paul.

Mr. Agbenya wants Paul-Adom Otchere to know that, Torgbui Afede is having the nation and the economic hardship the ordinary Ghanaians are going through with the mismanagement of the economy the current economic NPP, hence shown a statesmanship.
Mr. Agbena cautioned him against his tribal sentiment which a threat the unity and coexistence among the citizenry and our democracy.

He remanded him of doing same thing to the late former president Jerry John Rawlings regime as president of the nation
He disclosed that, the former President was not tribalistic and for that matter, most of the good infrastructure we have in the Ashanti region and accross the length and breadth of the country was done by Rawlings despite the fact that, he was a pure an Ewe man.
That is to say, when an Ewe man is in any position, you would never see him or her amassing wealth for him or herself at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaians, they prioritize the betterment of our beloved country Ghana.

He underscored that, should Torgbui Afede has today demonstrated that he would not take the ex-gratia, which should reminds Paul-Adom Otchere how patriotic and creditable the Ewes are.
He reiterated that, Torgbui Afede has shown the way ,that, such an amount of money could be diverted to other areas of the economy that can also serve the people.

He stressed that, the youth of the Volta region want Paul-Adom Otchere to apologize to Togbui Afede immediately, else would not be allow to step foot in the Volta region or at his own perils


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