Common Fruit You Can Eat Often To Get Relief From Back Pain

One of the pains which keep people worried and uncomfortable is back pain. It can happen to both men and women, old or young.

Apart from any underlying illnesses, back pain can be caused by some physical factors like prolong standing, carrying heavy objects, sitting in the wrong position for too long, bending for long amongst other factors.

About 60% of persons suffer back pain today, and they keep taking painkillers which do not send the pain away permanently. Hence, this article gives a clue on one common fruit we can eat often to get relief from back pain.

This fruit is pineapple which contains a very active ingredient known as bromelain. Pineapple has been found to be a fruit whose anti-inflammatory properties make it worth eating at all times.
We can find this fruit at different places especially during its season. Pineapple may have a sour taste when unripe, but can be sweet when it is ripe without adding chemicals to it. The link below has more to say:

Bromelain is a protein digesting anti-inflammatory enzyme which goes straight to the back region, to give it a soothing sensation thereby reducing the pain.

Natural foods and fruits have a lot to contribute to our general wellbeing, rather than resort or depend on artificial or synthesized products.

When you take painkillers, it will end up shutting the nerves of the brain connected to the part where the pain is felt. At that moment, the pain goes away because the brain will no longer be able to interpret it to the body.

However, when the body loses all the effects of the painkiller, the brain gets alerted again. It receives the pain and communicate it to you.

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