Best Foods for HIV/AIDS

All health experts will tell you that good nutrition plays a very big role when one is sick. When good food is eaten when one is sick, the food goes a long way in ensuring that the immune system is in its best form to fight infections. Healthy eating can also ensure that you keep your weight in check and avoid suffering diabetes, cancer and other cardiovascular conditions. When suffering from HIV great nutrition will ensure that you feel better most of the times and have energy to face most of the days.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), if you are suffering HIV your diet should consist of beans, fish, some meat and eggs, spreads and unsaturated oils, vegetables and fruits, and starchy foods. Though all these foods should be consumed regularly, foods with a lot of salt, fat and sugar should be eaten in moderation.

When sick with HIV, the basis of your food should be starch as most of them provide fibre, energy, iron, calcium and some vitamins. These foods involve rice, potatoes, cassava, maize, yam and bread. And while eating these starchy foods it is advisable that you make sure you are eating wholegrain forms.

Many HIV patients should eat five portions of vegetables or fruits. Fruits and vegetables provide minerals, vitamins and fibre. This group can protect a HIV patient from many opportunistic infections that may want to bring problems. They boost the immune system a great deal.

For proteins, beans and nuts are a great source of healthy protein. These non-animal sources of protein are healthy and give low fat proteins that are healthy for people whose immunity are already compromised.

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