Atonsu Daylight Robbery: Man beaten to a pulp for allegedly stealing 200¢ note

An unidentified man within his thirties has been beaten to a pulp for allegedly stealing a two hundred cedis note from a food vendor. The man according to eyewitnesses was standing in cue to purchase waakye at Antonsu blue ways when the next man in front of him complained of his missing 200cedis note. The man who was alleged to have stolen the money was heard telling the man shouting of his missing money to keep calm, and go home if he didn’t have any money on him to buy the food.

Sylvester Okyere, the man who lost his 200cedis note, refused to shut up on the account that, he had just withdrawn the money from the mobile money vendor across the street before coming to buy the food. Sylvester in his report to the Atonsu police confirmed that he even called on the mobile money vendor to come to attest to the money, before accusing the people in the cue of robbing him.

Sylvester caused a scene at the Atonsu blue ways area when he couldn’t find the money in his back pocket to pay the waakye seller. He sounded a word of caution to the unidentified man behind him in the cue, to have taken the money from his back pocket since he was the one directly behind him.

Sylvester stopped the man from fleeing away when he sensed it could be him, because of the manner he was reacting towards him when he started complaining of his missing money. Sylvester was able to identify the money, the type and even the kind of way it was seated in his pocket before the mob went hard on the unidentified man.

Sylvester in his police report this morning, stated that he folded the 200cedis note into four folds before placing it in his back pocket. I wanted to have some flexibility when removing the money to pay the food, so I placed it in my back pocket hoping to save myself from stress when its my time to pay for the waakye, Sylvester said.

Unfortunately for the unidentified man, the money was in his left front pocket when the people demanded he search his pocket. The people didn’t allow the man to explain himself and started punching him from every corner. Whiles some were throwing belt hooks at him, others were giving him slaps from behind.

Mumin, an Islamic clerk who was in the cue to get his waakye intervened and the man was taken to the Antonsu Macbeth Hospital. The unidentified man is still at the hospital receiving treatment whiles an on-duty police officer protects him from further attack at the hospital.

Though the side of the man has not been heard, but the people still believe it was him who stole the money and needs to be punished.

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