A 70 Years Old Man And Fetish Priest Has Been Arrested For Burying A Child Alive

A 70-year-old man staying at Dutch Komenda in the Central region of Ghana connived with a fetish priest to bury his grandson suffering from Autism alive. Honourable Cosmos Bassew, the Assemblymember of Dutch Komenda gives details on how he got the information about this sad incident.

Honourable Cosmos detailed that his Unit committee chairman called to inform him on Friday morning that a child has buried alive at the beach where he is doing a project. He rushed to the scene together with his wife, many people were gathered at the scene when he got there and the child had already been rescued from the hole.

The guy who found the child told them he heard the young boy crying in the hole, he tried to dig out the hole and to their surprise they found the handsome boy fortunately he was still alive. They made an announcement but didn’t get any trace about the person who buried the child. At the scene, Honourable Cosmos heard rumours from the crowd gathered that they heard a gunshot at the previous night.

He asked one young man who also confirmed that a man who looked like a fetish priest came to watch the football match between Ghana and Nigeria with a gun. Honourable Cosmos went to ask the fetish priest and he confirmed it is true that he is the one who buried the child. The priest revealed he has buried lots of children suffering from Autism but he was not willing to tell the parents of the child.

Honourable Cosmos called the police to arrest the priest, after that, another man told them he has seen the child in one of the houses at Dutch Komenda. They went there to meet the 70 years old who also admitted that the child is his grandson. He too was arrested and the child was sent to the hospital. The parents of the young boy were also arrested and they revealed that their son is two years old but can’t walk so they all planned out to end his life.

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