9 Ways to Make Yourself Attractive to Women

Finding your best qualities and letting them shine is the key to being appealing to girls. Following your dreams while remaining kind and courteous will take you a long way. To be more appealing, you don’t have to change who you are. You simply want to strive to be the best version of yourself. Below are ways you can be attractive to women

1. Be selfless

When it comes to people looking for a long-term relationship, helping others without thinking about yourself has been proved to be more attractive than good looks. According to a study, women regarded average-looking men who offered money to a homeless person to be more attractive than better-looking guys who went right by. Women looking for short-term flings.

2. Improve your physical fitness.

Many people believe that in order to get in shape, you must lift weights. This isn’t the case at all. You don’t need a gym membership to get a good workout. Crunches work your abdomen while push-ups work your chest and triceps. Biking, running, or swimming are all good ways to get some cardio outside of the house.

3. Make her laugh.

Everyone desires a companion who shares their sense of humour. Lean in if you’re the “funny guy” among your buddies. Even science advises you to: In a 2006 study published in Evolution and Human Behavior, participants were asked how much they appreciate their partner’s ability to make them laugh, and the results, unsurprisingly, revealed that women value their partner’s capacity to make them laugh. It’s a highly attractive quality if you can make people laugh.

4. Dress to attract.

The way you dress for your age says a lot about your personality. It has been proved that a man dressed as though he is 16 is less attractive than a man dressed maturely. You are not required to wear a sport coat, but a modest style update can help. Rather than continuing to wear old, worn-out denim, invest in chinos and finer jeans. Both your top and bottom should have modest cuts. Try on a few different hues and pick the ones that best complement your features (hair, skin, and eye color).

5. Adopt an expansive posture

According to a study, adopting an extended posture might make someone appear more appealing, whether in a photo on your dating app profile or just the way you look across the bar. This implies facing outwards with your arms and legs rather than crossing or folding them; the notion being that expansive postures indicate openness and power, both of which are attractive qualities.

6. Maintain your personal hygiene

Take care of your body and maintain a pleasant odor. Shower every day and use shampoo and soap that are suitable for your skin. Find a deodorant that has a hint of musk in it. For those important dates, try a spritz of cologne, but no more than two squirts. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and use dental hygiene products and mouthwash as needed.

7. Wear sunglasses.

Sunglasses make guys look hotter, and there’s evidence for it. Sunglasses make a man appear mysterious. The eyes are such a wonderful source of information and vulnerability for the human person. Women are drawn to you since you don’t have that information. They’re curious about the man behind the spectacles.

8 . Put on some cologne.

Cologne or a trademark spray are alluring to women, but not for the reasons you might imagine. According to a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, it has nothing to do with pheromones or natural scents. Participants in the study who were given a spray of cologne expressed better self-confidence and stated they felt more beautiful.

9. Women love men with manners

What could be worse than hanging around with someone who has a bad attitude? A person who is oblivious to proper etiquette. It doesn’t matter if you grew up in a predominantly male household or participated in exclusively male-dominated sports. A simple “thank you” and “please” can go a long way. Manners can be demonstrated in a variety of ways.

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