Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press, we welcome you once again we deeply appreciate your professional contribution to the development of our people, party and country.
The purpose of today’s engagement is to draw the attention of some Ghanaian people and the NDC to the benefits the nation will gain from the introduction of the E-levy.
Ghana isn’t the first nation to implement this tax, coming to America here all states have their correspondent taxes paid to the government with State taxes and local taxes Ohio is 5.75 and 1.42%, California 7.25% and 1.31%, Washington DC 6.50% and 2.67%, New York 4% and 4.49%, Texas 6.25% and 1.94% respectively, even America as a federal states is obliged to pay such taxes.
The same thing is happening to many advanced countries like Canada, UK, France , Germany etc. This is the exact thing used and is used to manage their nations. E-levy is to help the nation’s economy and we shouldn’t politicize it precisely the NDC, I quote the general secretary of the NDC, Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia “we will cancel the E-levy if we come to power” and who is going to give that power to you for you to disturb the progress of Ghana.
Anything good for this nation is a taboo for the NDC if it’s not coming from them and the most painful thing side is they always decides to pollute the mind of innocent Ghanaians. Mr. Asiedu Nketia your family is in Canada and anytime you visit them you buy outside, obviously anything you buy you pay taxes for it so why not in your own country, you prefer to pay it in ones country for them to develop than giving it to your own nation? Then this is a complete witchcraft if you can do demonstration about E-levy.
Just past days, on the 9th of February 2022 the U.S congress passed a bill, over 96 republicans voted in favor of the bill considering democrats as ruling government only 26 voted against it. Such behavior pushes a nation forward not what you are doing there in Ghana. Always the nation first before any other political party.
Ghana will not and can’t be at IMF anymore for them to set before us terms and conditions whiles the amount will be still settled why not the E-levy to be implemented to have enough money for development without paying any debt to anyone and we will be out of stress conditions. If care is not taken we will use all our minerals and still the nation will not develop it will only be a disaster for the 100 years to come generation. God has blessed us a lot but we don’t know how to manage ourselves and always putting our burdens on the whites, we have a lot of things the whites does not have which we could have used to develop but we always watch them before we move why?
And this all because there is too much corruptions in Ghana but we still have school under trees , poor roads, poor health sectors and a lot of bad managements. Not everything that we should politicize, we are all praying Hon. Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen takes the lead after Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, to industrialize the nation. We know him to be the best choice to break the 8 and push Ghana forward per his work rate and how the president himself has testified about him being the most hardworking minister.
Ghana must transform and it will base on industrialization and the E levy, which will help the youth in the nation. To end this we urge all Ghanaians to accept the E levy in good heart, let’s forget the noise makers and think about the country again Nana Addo is doing extremely well but we will need a blameless politician having the youth at heart to succeed nana Addo so let’s all help bring Alan Kyerematen to lead Ghana come 2025 and he will take us to the next level.
Long live Ghana
Long live Ghanaians in the states
Long live NPP.



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