Tribes That Have The Most Faithful And Responsible Men In Ghana (Opinion)

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman who have agreed and decided to be to together as a couple. The initial stages of marriage is usually characterised by enormous love and understanding. However, there are certain activities that makes couple loss interest and in each other. One of the deal breakers in marriage in infidelity. In a cosmopolitan country like Ghana, let’s take a look at tribes that have the most responsible and faithful men in Ghana.

1. Ewe men; usually referred to as the “number 9s”, the men from Volta are very strong and hard working. Most are educated and occupy key positions in various capacities. The Ewe men are very responsible, loyal and faithful to their women.

2. The Ashanti men; the men from Oseikrom are very industrious. Ashante men are known to be very good businessmen. The likes of Osei Kwame Despite and co, who built their own empire from scratch typifies what an Ashante man can do.

With women heroine like Yaw Ashantewaa, they are known to adore and praise their women.

3. The Ga men; from the cost and Capital City is the descendants of Nene Ayi Kusi. They are predominantly fisher folks, with a lot having been educated. The men from the Capital are committed in relationships and work hard to put food on the table of their family.

4. The Fanti men; their women are known to be very respectful. The men are one of the most educated tribes in Ghana. They boast of several big men in the public administration of the country. They are calm headed, responsible and faithful to their wives

5. The Dagomba men; from the Northern part of the country, men from this side are usually farmers with a lot in various offices and in government . They remain committed to their wives even if they married more than one wife

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