Avoid Eating Watermelon If You Have These Health Problems

If you are looking for a fruit that is low in calories and fats, helps in fighting heart diseases, cancer and the likes, then why don’t you try watermelon.

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Among its nutritional content, Citrullus Lanatus or simply watermelon is the only fruits with high water content, 92%, to keep you hydrated and quenched.

However, as they also say, too much of everything is bad and so, I recommend you check your health status before considering the amount of melon to consume on a daily basis.

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Here are some group of people who should either avoid or reduce the intake of watermelon

1. Those having diarrhoea and digestive problems

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Among the few side effects of consuming watermelon on a large quantity is the possibility of causing diarrhoea.

Aside from its nutritional content, watermelon contains a compound called sorbitol. The function of this compound is help with free bowels and also prevent constipation.

According to research, sorbitol is treated as a laxative. This same compound is very high in watermelon, therefore consuming a large quantity of it means doubling or tripling this laxative compound, which may cause diarrhoea.

Hence, you’re already having diarrhoea, you might consider reducing your watermelon intake.

2. People with sensitive skin

Sensitive skin
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Apart from the sorbitol compound, watermelon is also rich in a compound called lycopene.

By nature, this compound is responsible red color in many fruits and veggies such as tomatoes, watermelon and others. It is also an antioxidant that helps in heart health and cancer.

However, too much of this particular compound will cause a health condition called Lycopenemia. Lycopenemia is simply a health condition which causes a reddish discoloration of the skin.

According to studies, the condition is less harmful and usually takes a few days to go by itself.

3. Those who drink alcohol regularly

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Do you remember the lycopene compound we’ve talked about earlier on?

It is for the same compound that, those who drink alcohol regularly should reduce or avoid watermelon.

According to research, this lycopene compound has the tendency of reacting with alcohol. When it happens like that, the effect may be the risk of developing liver inflammation.

4. People living with diabetes

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Have you heard of Glycemic index, GI? It is simply how foods affect the rate at which blood sugar rises. Therefore, foods with a high GI can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar.

Watermelon, on the other hand, has a glycemic index of 75 from a total of 100. Hence, it is advisable for those with diabetes to reduce watermelon intake or seek attention from their doctors before consuming it in large quantity.

5. Those suffering from Hyponatremia

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Put simply, hyponatremia is being over hydrated or a term for water intoxication, which means there is excess water in your body.

Like I said earlier, watermelon contains 92% water and so consuming it at a higher amount may cause a rise in your water level, follow by a rise in your blood volume.

The health conditions associated with this is swollen legs and reduction in sodium level, hence worsening your condition of Hyponatremia.

6. Those having heart problems

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A serving of 100g of watermelon contains 112mg of potassium. Per studies, too much potassium is associated with heart-related problems or cardiovascular diseases.

Hence, eating too much of watermelon means multiplying the potassium content which may affect your heart beats or lead to other heart-related diseases.


7. Pregnant women

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For pregnant women, unless you want to cause “abortion”, it is not a wise choice to take watermelon, especially if you’re a few weeks pregnant.

There’s an enzyme called papain which interferes with the progesterone responsible for causing and maintaining pregnancy.

In all, watermelon is safe and very nutritional to consume but at a moderate level.

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