5 Things Girls Do When They Start Having Feelings For A Guy

Guys, most ladies, especially from all over the world, don’t know how to go up to a guy and tell him how they feel about him but prefer to let them down. Then do what is needed.

This is because they do not want to be seen by society as сheар оr wаywаrd, and by doing so, they will die silently while in love with a man.

It’s not entirely their fault, but those who still think we’re living in the stone age. So, it’s up to you now, because when the ladies start to have feelings for you, men can detect these things and ask them if you have feelings for them too.

I’m not the kind of person who should do this and then break a lady’s heart if you know you don’t love her if you don’t love her

So, when a girl starts to have feelings for you, she will start doing the following things.

1.. When a girl starts feeling for you, she will start calling you stupid names like “BIG HEАD ОR BIG NОSE ОR BIG MОUTH”.

She can even start calling you stupid, just because she can stop calling you other people calling you, or she’ll shorten your name to аrоmаntiс fоrm.

2.. When a girl starts to have feelings for you, she will start asking you questions like, how is your girlfriend, or, I don’t want your girlfriend to treat me this way or that.

She just wants to know if you have a girlfriend so she will know if she has a chance to date you.

3.. When a girl starts to have feelings for you, she will start calling you every day and chatting with you via social media just to know what you are doing because your happiness doesn’t belong to her.

She doesn’t mind if you call her again or not, she just wants to talk to you.

4.. When a girl starts feeling for you, she starts doing everything she can, just to spend time with you, no matter where you are, she doesn’t want to see you, and she doesn’t mind if you give She cheated.

She will even want to be with you until you find out she has feelings for you and ask her out. She would pray silently in her heart.

5.. Finally, when a girl starts to have feelings for you, she starts to care what she wears or wears around you. She’ll be a little uncomfortable around you and will want to be there forever, s if she were perfectly there.

She never wants to do anything that will make you dislike her, which is why she gets upset whenever she’s with you.

These are the ways girls behave when they start feeling for you.

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