3 Health Effects Of Eating Too Much Pepper

Pepper is a basic ingredient when cooking the majority of dishes. The presence of pepper in a meal adds to its taste and absence could render the meal bland, even if other spices may have been used. Many people add just enough pepper to give flavor to the food, but some others like their foods extra spicy, and would add lots of pepper to their cooking. But is it wrong to eat too much pepper? Below are a few effects of excessive pepper consumption.


1.Digestion problems

Excessive pepper consumption can lead to digestive difficulties. When the pepper is digested, the capsaicin in pepper interacts with the acids in your stomach, which could be bad if you have an ulcer, as it would only make the pain worse. This is why it is advisable for people with ulcers not to eat spicy foods. Overeating pepper can also cause nausea, which can lead to reflux. Eating too many peppers can also result in gastric pain, painful and burning diarrhea.


2.May Cause Infertility issues in males

Eating too much pepper could cause infertility issues in men. This occurs because pepper contains compounds called piperine, which have been found to damage sperm. It does so by increasing the activities of free radicals in the area where semen is stored.



People with asthma may have an attack if they use too much pepper. It happens when pepper blocks the airway, which might trigger an attack. The situation could worsen if the person does not have his or her inhaler close by. If you have asthma, try to avoid highly spiced foods.


Pepper is a popular spice which is utilized in a variety of dishes. However, there are some adverse health effects of eating too much pepper, such as stomach pain, burning in the throat, asthma and mouth problems.

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