3 Diseases that Hardly Attack Fat People

The World is occupied with superstitions and opinions lately, There are lots of health complications in Africa lately and there are also signs that depict if one is healthy or prone to Diseases.

Being prone to health complications has nothing to do with the size of one’s body. We have Ectomorphs, people who are naturally slim and can’t increase in size no matter what, they only pile cholesterol in very delicate parts that can result in dire health complications. Endomorphs are those who can’t reduce unless the go for physical surgery. These group of people even increase in size when they are stressed. Mesomorphs are people who can increase in body mass and can also reduce in mass, they increase base on the quantity of carbohydrates they take inn and can reduce when they use those carbohydrates.

There are three health complications that Hardly affect Mesomorphs or Endomorphs.

1. Stroke: stroke hardly attacks people who have a large body mass, this is because stroke is as a result of cholesterol forcing its way into delicate parts of your body due no avenue in the body to accommodate fats, when you eat fatty foods and they have no space to be stored in the body, the resort to stay in the blood or stuck to the heart or lungs, this crushes the blood cells and kills them off. Mostly people who have a large body mass are able to store such fat in some parts of their body such as Tommy, thighs,shoulders and back whilst slim people store those amount of fat in thier blood stream, heart and other delicate places.

2. Piles/Kokoo: Piles hardly attacks fat people because it deals with starch and excess calories that can be stored under the flesh of fat people as white fat, when calories and fats are in excess, the body of fat people absorb it and keep it into one’s Tommy, arms, chest, shoulders or thighs as far, but with slim people there is no room to accommodate them, so they resort to settle at the waist resulting in severe piles.

3. Stress: in the absence of food or carbohydrate meals, slim people become stressed in line of duty, this is because their body hardly stores carbohydrates in excess for use, this puts slim people in so much stress and pressure when they are hungry. It also pushes them to takes lots of energy drinks which has effects on their kidneys.

It’s healthier for fats to store in one’s lower body such as thighs, calves than in the upper part of the body.

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