2 Myths About Fondling A Woman’s Breasts Which Men And Women Should know.

Despite the fact that more than half of the world’s population have them, the average person doesn’t really know much about breasts. In fact, some of these things that you hear from friends, mothers, aunts, sisters, and the other people who identify as women in your life may just be myths. Below are 2 of such myths which both men and women should be aware of.

1) Pressing breasts increases breast size.

Touching a woman’s bosoms does not make them grow. There is a lot of misinformation about breast development that leads to young girls going through to use creams and massages just because of the promise of bigger bosoms. Genes and hormones determine breast growth and size. There’s is no scientific proof that fondling the breast makes it grow bigger.

2) Touching the breast leads to cancer.

One of the most bizarre myths doing the rounds is that fondling the breasts or nipples could cause breast cancer. If the pressing is too hard, it may cause some pain or soreness, but it cannot cause cancer. This is an ideology with no scientific bases.

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