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Communication is a skill; sometimes a gift and many times it’s learnt over time by smart people. Maleek Basintale, a smart young dude who came to the limelight just some few ago has risen to become one of the toast of all major media houses in Ghana. He’s not only seen and regarded a as the communication officer for Savannah Region but an asset to the NDC at the National Communication Bureau-a dream every communicator of a major political party like the NDC should have.

This and many more are the reasons the NPP in Savannah cannot sleep when he’s around. So, in order to console themselves, they refer to him as an Accra Communication Officer and not for Savannah Region. This statement rather emboldens the NDC communication outfit because, it takes enormous but genuine efforts to manage a bureau at the regional level and still make it to the top and be regarded by your opponents as an Accra Communication Officer. So this is a blessing to the NDC. At least his face is a reflection of the Region when he appears on media house…what about the NPP in the region…who’s their face up there?

Is it the case that because the NPP in Savannah Region can’t get their own to represent them in the capital that’s why they have developed this strategy to make it sound as though Malik should rather be in Damongo 24/7 to pass him as the best communication officer? Well, is their own Communication Officer in Damongo-the capital of Savannah Region? Accra and Tamale which place is better to be explored by any serious communication manager?

This is why John Boadu said at their regional conference in Daboya that the communication outfit of the NPP in Savannah Region is a very weak one which cannot match the NDC Communication Bureau in the region. Learn to copy from the NDC. INDEED, THE COMMUNICATION OUTFIT OF THE NPP IN THE REGION IS EXCESSIVELY WEAK AND CONSPICUOUSLY NONPERFORMING.

#8years of the NPP’s thuggery and insecurity is enough.


By Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina

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