Young Man Lands Himself In Trouble After Sleeping With The Girlfriend Of A Fetish Priest

A 28 years old man has found himself in serious trouble after having intercourse in bed with the girlfriend of a fetish priest. For 5 days now, the young man has experienced permanent ejaculation of his manhood and is in so much pain. The young man who lives in Teshie in Accra narrated his ordeal that he went to visit his friend and may this young lady.

His friend told him that the girl had told him that she had feelings for him but was shy to tell him. That evening, the young man was on his way to a birthday party and took advantage of that and asked the girl out. After he returned from the party with the girl, the girl refused to go back to her house because it was late so he remained at the guy’s house.

After they both ate in the night, they had sɛx. The fetish priest has confirmed that indeed he had caused such a predicament to come upon the young guy for sleeping with his girlfriend. The girl in her defence said she was no longer together with the fetish priest.

To revert the permanent ejaculation, the fetish priest demanded a male dog, sheep, fowl, guinea fowl, dove, 3 bottles of cattle bridge, half piece of white and red cloth each and a sum of GH₵ 2000 to perform some rituals. The young man who has been afflicted said he has not been able to eat since such a predicament fell on him and is in so much pain.

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