Women, If You Want Your Marriage To Last Never Do These 17 Things To Your Husband.

No one knows everything in this world. You may be doing something wrong without realizing it, or you may be neglecting or disregarding something without realizing the consequences. These are some things that I believe women should avoid doing because they may be offensive to men. There may be others, but here are a few that have been chosen for your study.

They are as follows:

1. If you haven’t shaved your armpits, wear a vest or sleeveless top with a bra underneath… Nobody wants to see you like that, not even your husband.

2. It’s for a reason that nail paint remover is sold; don’t let cheap nail polish fade away on its own…

3. If you cannot buy or get good quality weaves, please don’t bother. Just make sure your hair is well packed.

4. Avoid artificial nails that make you look like a dragon queen; keep things simple. You’ll want to do it all the time once you’ve tried it. Have you ever heard a man compliment a woman on her natural beauty? It’s because they prefer women who are naturally attractive.

5. When you’re out in public, see-through leggings or a shirt worn as a dress are a no-no!

6. Never do something for a man with the expectation of receiving something in return; expectations are dangerous. Do it simply because you want to.

7. Never contradict your man in front of others.

8. Don’t go after the man who dumped you for the other woman.

9. Checking your man’s phone, nagging him to death, and seeming like a neurotic freak are all bad things to do while you’re in a relationship. By doing so, you are merely releasing him to someone else.

10. On a first date, don’t spill all of your family’s secrets. The guy is only interested in learning more about you.

11. Quit obsessing over your appearance. It’s great to eat well and exercise, but that’s about it.

12. Don’t go overboard with the accessories. Don’t resemble a Christmas tree.

13. Never leave the house without your phone, lipgloss, and, most importantly, your dignity.

14. Never leave a used sanitary towel in the toilet for others to see. Please, don’t

15. Short skirts and low-cut shirts should be avoided when attending an interview. You’ll certainly make a poor first impression.

16. Never believe that threatening your man will make him submit. In the end, all you’ve done is irritate him.

17. It’s a two-way street when it comes to respect. You will be respected by your man if you respect him initially.

Finally, but not least.

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