Using Garden Eggs to Treat Liver Cancer, Heart Diseases, and Other Conditions

From herbalists, doctors, pastors, priests, and many more, we have learned about a variety of diseases and how to prevent them. Natural resources are many in our surroundings, which is very beneficial to us.

In the bush and forest, we have a variety of fruits that may treat a number of our diseases, but we don’t know.

Our ancestors used to rely on herbs to treat their illnesses or diseases because doing so gave them more energy and allowed them to live longer on the earth that the Lord, our God, had given them, but today, because of the computer age we live in, we depend on conventional medicines to treat our illnesses, which can even contain a lot of chemicals.

The ingredients in conventional medicines are extremely harmful and lethal, slowly killing us without our knowledge. Due to the ease and low cost of obtaining these traditional medicines, we have abandoned using our natural herbs.

I’m here to discuss the benefits of garden eggs and the diseases that they treat today. Garden eggs are incredibly beneficial to our health, yet we are unaware of this.

Without wasting much time let’s take a look of some benefits of garden eggs.

1) boost up your immune system

2) it gives you instant energy

3) Detoxifies the liver, colon and guts

4) treats diabetes completely within seven days

5) cures high blood pressure

6) clears high cholesterol

7) fights against acid reflex diseases

8) Reduced high uric acid

9) promotes weight loose

10) it helps in digestion

11) promotes healthy bones

12) prevents anaemia

13) fights diseases of the heart

The advantages or benefits of the fruit are previously covered in the lists above; now, let’s look at some easy ways to avoid such diseases.

A. Blend three pieces of the garden eggs with one litre of water, sieve it and drink full glass cup three times daily on the 30minutes before or after eating.

B. Just chew one in the morning, one in the afternoon and in the evening too one during 30minutes before or after eating.

Trust me, if you do it for 14 days, your problems will be resolved.

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