Urgent Call to Address Privacy Violations and Dignity Protection in Media Coverage

National Media Commission,
P. O. Box: SD 114,
DearSir/ Madam,

Urgent Call to Address Privacy Violations and Dignity Protection in Media Coverage

I hope this letter finds you well . Iam writing on behalf of Guide and Save Foundation, an NGO dedicated to child protection and welfare of the good people of Ghana, to bring to your urgent
attention a concerning issue related to the violation of privacy and dignity of individuals in media

Recently,a video has been circulating on the internet and broadcasted on television stations, radio stations, and social media platforms, where a young lady is being interrogated about her sexual life and relationship.

The video exposes her face and personal details, subjecting her to public
scrutiny, potential humiliation, and irreversible damage to her reputation and mental well-being.
As an organization committed to protecting the rights and welfare of individuals, especially the vulnerable, we find such practices deeply troubling and in violation of ethical standards and
human rights. We believe it is imperative that the dignity and privacy of individuals are respected
and safeguarded in all forms of media coverage.
Our  Concerns:

1.ViolationofPrivacy: Exposing the identity and personal details of individuals in
sensitive situations without their consent is a gross violation of their right to privacy.

2. Potential Harm: Such exposure can lead to severe emotional and psychological distress,
social stigma, and othernegativeconsequences for the individuals involved.

3. Ethical Standards: Media outlets have responsibility to adhere to ethical standards that
protect the dignity and rights of individuals, especially in sensitive matters.

Our Requests:
1. ImmediateAction: We urge the National Media Commission,

2.judiciary, Ghana Bar
Association, and other relevant stakeholders to take immediate action to address this
issue as our culture and the constitution of the child right. This includes investigating the
matter and taking appropriate measures against those responsible for such unethical practices.
2. Policy Implementation: We call for the implementation and enforcement of strict policies
and guidelines that require media outlets to blur faces and withhold personal details of
individuals in sensitive situations unless explicit consent is obtained.

3. PublicAwareness: Werecommend launching public awareness campaigns to educate media professionals and the general public about the importance of respecting privacy and upholding dignity in all forms of media coverage.

We believe that by addressing this issue collectively, we can create a more respectful
and responsible media environment that prioritizes the rights and welfare of individuals. We are
willing to collaborate and provide any necessary support to achieve this goal.
Thank you for your attention to this critical matter. We
look forward to your prompt and positive

Yours sincerely,
Gifty Amissah
Chief Executive Officer
Guide and Save Foundation

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