Two Women Fought Over A Catholic Priest In Mulanje

Two women at Namulenga parish in Mulanje district fought few days ago over a catholic priest of their parish as their fiancé.

Reports say the women are in two different choir groups of the parish and both of them are married with grown up children in their houses but dating the priest with hope of having benefits both at the church and in their homes.

According to the source, the other woman named Hannah (not exact name) is almost 15 years older than the priest she was fighting for and is not ready to back off from the priest because he is the source of happiness.

“Hannah is an older woman, even by face she looks old and we were not expecting her to be doing such kind of things, more over is a married woman with two grandchildren for Christ sake, she needs to behave,” he said.

The source added that the behavior that she is putting up now has been there ever since she came back from South Africa in 2006 because she managed to snatch her friends husband when she was new in the town.

Commenting on the matter, Mary, Parish member said the women are wasting their time because the priest will never get married to none of them but rather they have just made a fool of themselves and demeaned their husbands.

“These women are fools and they are not aware that they are humiliating their husbands in public, why are they fighting and exchange words for a man who is a priest?, i think they are all sick, i mean something is wrong in their heads they have forgotten that they are married women,” Mary explained.

Married women should respect themselves in order to keep their husbands reputations.

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