Twin Babies Found Dead Inside A Well And Their Mother Have Been Arrested

It was no good news in Bono Region, as people woke up only to witness twin babies found dead in a well. These babies are believed to be three months old, and what on earth would make a person dump these innocent babies in a well? I think the mother only has an explanation for that. because she is now in police custody.

The twin babies’ mother goes by the name “Ellian Zumesh,” and she is believed to be in her 20s. The source says she dumped her own twin babies at dawn so that no one could notice. After the news spread, the police were able to come to the scene at Abetifi Zongo, where they saw the twins drifting in the well.

The reasons why the mother did these evil actions are not yet known, but she is currently in police custody.

My fellow readers, what are your thoughts on this article? What punishment do you think the twins’ mother deserves? Please kindly leave your comments below.

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