Twelve Types Of Women You Must Avoid At All Cost

After years of being single, you finally meet a woman. At first glance, she looks very nice. Yes, you have to admit, it’s not perfect (but who is anyway?), but there is still a little thing that bothers you more than anything. But you can’t put your finger on this famous problem. You noticed that from the beginning, she really tries to hide this “thing”, but you know very well that it will certainly be the cause of your “future” separation. Obviously, you will never find a flawless person who precisely meets your expectations, but there are still people who can be described as infrequent.

There are flaws that can be corrected. There are flaws that you can learn to appreciate over time. But there are flaws that one simply cannot accept. These exaggerated reactions, these hurtful words, this moody character are not to be taken lightly. I want to reassure you: this kind of woman is rare, but chances are that you will come across one of them. To avoid this kind of incongruous situation, learn, today, to identify the profiles of women you must avoid at all costs.

1. The one who always talks

At the start of your relationship, this woman can be really fun and entertaining. Do you feel like you’ll never get bored with her? But that will only be at the beginning.The problem with this type of woman is that she doesn’t know when to stop. And yet, from time to time, you want to be in your little bubble (alone with your thoughts, in silence). But she will never let you rest. She will always find something to say, she takes up all the space in conversations, she always has remarks and above all she won’t let you say a word. Don’t worry, she takes the time to breathe between two sentences, but she will still suck up all your oxygen. We all need to savor a little silence and with it, it’s mission impossible.

2. The one who talks much too early about commitment

With this woman, you will skip several stages. She will tend to rush. You had a very pleasant first date, you got on very well, she really impresses you, the little problem: she has already told you about your future plans (yours), she is already planning your holidays for the next five years and even talked about how many children she wanted to have. In short, commitment does not scare her and she makes you understand it from the first meetings. Gentlemen, don’t wait another minute: take to your heels. To have a healthy relationship, you really don’t have to rush things .


3. The one who criticizes everything

At the beginning of the relationship, you will be totally impressed by her: she gives the impression of being a very cultured person, she shows you that she has great knowledge and from time to time she will even seem to be superior to you. The concern is that she will tend to make sharp little remarks. At first, these small spikes will not bother you, and you even take them with the greatest joy. But after a while, you will realize that for her, everything you do and everything you say is unsatisfying. And from that moment, you will feel less comfortable with her. It’s almost “mission impossible” to have lunch without hearing that she hates it, or that you’re not doing it right.


4. The one you always have to impress

You go out of your way to please her, you always try to do extraordinary things to make her smile, you propose extraordinary dates to satisfy her. The problem is that she is never satisfied and she always expects you to do more. And sooner or later it will be really heavy for you. A relationship does not need to be exceptional to be enjoyable and to bring happiness. You don’t have to spend your time impressing a woman. If she asks for more than you can provide, find the woman who will be able to be satisfied with what you are able to give.

5. The one who wants to please all men

This woman will bring you nothing but trouble. So, unless you want to suffer until the end of your life, run away. This kind of woman will always want to turn heads in her path. She will find all the means to please men. And even if you’re with her, she won’t be ashamed to flirt to be on top with the male sex (including your friends). If she acts this way in your presence, how will she behave when you are not by her side? She will allow herself to be seduced easily, worse, she will seduce without imposing limits. One thing is certain: no matter what you do, your love and attention will never satisfy him.

6. The one who is too possessive

“You are mine”: a sentence that should sound like a horror movie in your ears. With this kind of woman, you will never have the right to see your friends, you will never have the right to go out without her, you will never even have the right to spend time with your family members. And even when you’re with her, but there are women around, she’ll throw a tantrum. In short, you belong to him and you must render accounts to him, each time. Before you can date you have to get her permission, before you can accept an invitation you have to make sure she will be invited as well, etc. She behaves like a mother with her 8 year old child. And that kind of extreme possessiveness won’t make you happy.


7. The one who can’t trust you

This woman will never change. Every chance she gets, she’ll rummage through your phone and look for the little thing that can incriminate you. And if she doesn’t find anything fishy, ​​she’ll make it up. She won’t hesitate to ask your friends about your program. She’ll even call your mom to make sure you’re really home. She doesn’t trust you, even if you do everything in the world to extinguish her doubts. The fact is that she is simply not able to believe that a person can be faithful. But if you want to have a healthy relationship, this is not the kind of woman you should start with. Trust is one of the foundations of a lasting relationship. Without it, it’s just a waste of time.


8. The one who thinks everything is allowed

This woman really thinks everything is allowed. On the other hand, it will not allow you anything. She may spend all her salary on shoes, but will yell at you when you dare to spend a little on gardening tools. She will give herself the right to go out for hours without telling you with her friends, but as soon as you do not answer her messages she will make a big deal out of it. She’s the kind of woman who won’t hesitate to see her ex thinking it’s a perfectly normal thing. Or the one who will insult you, but who will feel offended if you dare to insult her. You know what kind of women I’m talking about? The one to totally avoid.

9. The one who benefits from everything

She’s the type to order the most expensive meal when you take her out to dinner, the type to bring her clothes back the first night you’re home, the type to take the key to your car without permission to go see her parents, etc. The thing is, she’s making the most of your beautiful living conditions, but really isn’t ready to reciprocate. Surely it is not for love that she is with you.

10. The one who is always on the lookout for drama

This woman who is also nicknamed “Drama Queen” will give you a hard time. As her name suggests, she will be on the lookout for drama. That’s how she lives: she really can’t help but like little stories, she will always find a way to create problems, she will find little bugs where there are none, etc It is simply impossible to live in peace with her, and unfortunately, when nothing happens, she will be bored. If you are a man who is full of worries and always in trouble, she will be in heaven with you. And in addition to feeding on problems, she’s also a great storyteller. Generally, she always acts exaggerated and she will consider herself an actress. Warning :it’s not a series you want to experience, it’s a love story.

11. The one who always wants to dominate

Let’s not mince words: this woman can be a real castratrix, she always wants to take control. By giving it the chance to enter your life, you take the risk of saying goodbye to it once and for all. For her, you are not her partner, but a kind of robot. She likes to say what you should do and what you shouldn’t. She will tend to take control of your life and make decisions for you.

12. The immature one

This woman really behaves like a child. She can’t make decisions. She doesn’t know how to take responsibility. In short, on paper you will go out with a woman, but in reality it is something else. Don’t be moved by his childish reactions. What she is looking for is a man who can replace her father and not a boyfriend. And you will see that dating a woman who is immature is really very difficult. Of course, if you are not afraid to comfort her every time, to help her face life and to make decisions for her, you can have a beautiful love story with her. On the other hand, if it already scares you, forget it, because it can lead you straight to disaster.

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