Treating Body Odour With Lemon Juice Take A Look At It.

Ever had that moment when you wonder whether you smell good or not? Does your partner often complain about your smelly underarms? To save yourself from such embarrassing situations, you often resort to buying some really expensive deodorants.

Take a look at few simple tip, which will help you to get rid of your body odor naturally using lemon juice.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice is a remedy that has gained a lot of traction among general users and is often cited on internet forums as a means to manage body odor.

The strong citrusy smell of lime may help camouflage the stench of sweat to some degree, but it will wear off after a while. More importantly, lemon juice exhibits antioxidant and antibacterial activity which can help diminish the foul smell too.


Apply a few drops of lime juice or rub a cut lemon all over your armpits, let it sit for a few hours, and take a bath afterwards. You can do this before every other bath.

Alternatively, you can add some lemon juice to your bath water and let your body soak in it.

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