Top 7 Poorest Countries in Africa 2021

The African continent has constantly suffered from disenfranchisement and numerous inequalities. White supremacy and sovereignty been a major factor leading to this. A continent blessed with natural resources (gold, diamond, timber etc) but suffers from extreme poverty, poor health conditions and other social issues like racism. Nonetheless, the main purpose of this article is to throw light on the poorest countries in Africa and the basis for declaring them poor.




Africa as a whole is blessed with many natural resources like Gold, Timber, Cocoa and even oil which can eliminate the state of poor in Africa but due to some corrupt and even civil wars Africans face each day has resulted in making many African being poor.

Now let’s check out the top seven ( 7 ) list of poorest African Countries;

7 Mozambique

East Asia and Pacific Cities: Expanding Opportunities for the Urban Poor


6 Madagascar

5 Central African Republic

Central African Republic: Living conditions still harsh for displaced in Bangui – ICRC
4 Malawi

3 Somalia


2 Burundi

African Cities: Building Resilient, Sustainable & Inclusive Societies
1 South Sudan

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