Top 5 reasons for divorce in marriage

1. Infidelity or an extramarital affair

When one person seeks fulfillment outside of the marriage, whether physical or sexual, the relationship can be doomed. When a spouse feels deceived, regaining trust is extremely tough.

Extramarital relations are responsible for 20-40% of marriages breaking down and ending in divorce. One of the most common reasons for divorce is infidelity.

2. Trouble with finances

If the couple does not agree on how the finances will be handled, it might lead to disastrous consequences.


Why is financial incompatibility the leading cause of divorce? According to divorce statistics, a “last straw” reason for divorce is a lack of financial compatibility, which accounts for about 41% of all divorces.

Everything from divergent spending patterns and financial aspirations to one spouse having significantly more money than the other can stretch a marriage to the breaking point, causing a power struggle. Differences in the amount of money each person contributes into the marriage can sometimes lead to power struggles.

3. Lack of communication

In a marriage, communication is critical, and not being able to communicate well and swiftly leads to resentment and irritation for both partners, affecting all parts of the relationship.

On the other side, a strong marriage is built on good communication. When two individuals share a life together, they must be able to communicate their requirements and understand and try to meet their partner’s demands.

4. Lack of intimacy

Not feeling connected to your partner can quickly ruin a marriage because it leaves couples feeling as though they’re living with a stranger or more like roommates than spouses.

This can be from a lack of physical or emotional intimacy and isn’t always about sex. If you are constantly giving your spouse the cold shoulder, know that it can become the ground for divorce over time.

Often couples struggle with different sex drives and different sexual appetites. This can really plague a couple as they try to get their needs met. In addition, at different stages of life, our sexual needs can change, which can lead to feelings of confusion and rejection.

Ignoring your partner’s sexual needs is being called the number one cause of divorce in recent times.

Making your relationship intimate and special is the responsibility of both partners.

5 Physical and emotional abuse:

Physical or emotional abuse is a sad reality for some couples and contributes to 23.5% of divorces.

We should be very vigilant with these signs in marriage and seek early advice before it’s too late.

May God help all marriages and to be couples.

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