The Only Region In Ghana Where People Are Lashed On Orders Of Elders When Their Sex Video Goes Viral

In every community in Ghana there are rules and regulations that govern that particular society or community. These rules and regulations are made in order to help maintain peace and order in the area. These rules and regulations become law when the elders and king of the community give their assent. It is a law that is not written in any book but so far as the leaders of the community have found it to be a good and protecting law, and have decided to make it rule the community, it stands.

One of the Regions in Ghana has made one of it’s laws effective, as the King and his elders use their authoritative powers and the laws of the land to punish two lovers who bleached part of the law governing the community.

The Upper West Regional Capital of Wa, has dealt with a man and a woman who are believed to be lovers for frowning upon the laws within the Wa community. News circulating reveal that within the Wa community, any lovers whether been married or not are not suppose to leak their sex video or tape for any reason. If any one breaks the law governing the Wa community and leak a sex video, that person will be brought before the elders and the rulers of the land to receive his or her punishment as the law decrees.

The punishment liable to this crime according to the laws of the community is stroke of lashes.

A viral video making wave and stirring massive reactions on social media platforms reveal that, two people were fastened to a pole and over twenty lashes were given to both the man and the woman by a strong man, on the orders of the traditional authorities who claim it is part of the recent bye laws in the Wa community. According to recent reports cited by TV3 Network and residents, these two were summoned to the Wa Naa Palace and were punished after their sex video was leaked and went viral.

This has vividly shown Ghanaians that there is a town in one of the Regions in Ghana that punishes anybody whose sex video goes viral on social media platforms.

Please kindly write what you think about this law that has been introduced recently in Wa community and what you think should be done about it by Ghanaians? Leave your comments on the comment section below.

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