The best age for ladies to enjoy sex

2,600 women of various age groups have been asked intimate questions on their intercourse lives. They replied questions on how a lot they enjoyed sex, what made them feel attractive, how amazing were their orgasms and so on.

The women were damaged down into 3 subsets: younger (beneath 23), middle (24-35), and older (36 and over). As for the effects, eighty% of girls 36 and up felt the most sexually attractive. Within the middle institution (24-35) only forty% claimed to have felt “glad about their appearance,” at the same time as 70% of the ladies in the first group (23 and underneath) felt the equal way.

As for the organization that reportedly scored the most favorably? Girls 36 and older reportedly had the most lively sex lives and the most pleasurable. In this organization, 86% of the ladies referred to that they’d had incredible intercourse over the course of four weeks. The older ladies also scored higher numbers while it got here to clearly climaxing — six out of 10 ladies to be exact.

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