Take A Look At What Residents Did To A Man Who Stole A Bunch Of Plantains

Stealing someone’s farm product is not a good habit. Though the product doesn’t cost much, however, the farmer went through pains before the plantain reached its harvest time. An elderly man probably between the ages of 40 and 50 years has been caught stealing someone’s plantain.

Watching the screenshots from the video in this article, you can see that a bunch of plantains have been put on the head of the elderly man. One of the guys was seen peeling off some of the plantains and putting them inside the man’s mouth to chew them raw. As all aware, an uncooked plantain doesn’t take sweet and can cause the man to be sick.

However, the people believe that it is the punishment he deserves. The thief was finding it difficult chewing the raw plantain but he has no choice as the residents were holding canes threatening him that if he doesn’t eat the plantain, they will cane him.

According to the thief, he was hungry which is why he stole the bunch of plantains but the people said that it is a lie. They argued that if he was really hungry and not selfish, he should have plucked about five or six plantains from the bunch and cooked them. But since he decided to cut down the whole bunch shows that he is a thief.

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