Stop Eating Eggs With Any Of These Four Foods, it’s Dangerous!

You ‘re what you eat, as the saying goes. That’s why I write this article for the benefit of all, I care about you and what you put into your mouth. Do you know that your usual foods will become harmful to your body every day if it goes wrong?

I ate multiple foods at a time while I was in secondary school at recess. It’s been my first experience. But I don’t wish anybody, not even my opponent, any side effects. I’ve been ill for a week and with what they were doing I did not go to the classroom or join my classmates. For me, it was an terrible experience.

I came back home after the term had ended and my sister was shocked that I was thin. She said that it was food poisoning, I told her all that happened. What is nutritional toxicity? I said to myself. I said to myself. Would that mean someone puts poison in the food that I ate? I never knew what food poisoning was when I was older. It doesn’t mean that someone put poison into your health, as seen in the films.

The mixing of multiple types of food can result in food poisoning. One of the most important tasks we do is to mix the ingredients. People have different motives to mix meals; they can’t eat rice without their beans like my dad and my brothers.

What I want to point out to you is that it will damage the body by mixing the wrong foods. You can cause numbness, constipation, heart disease and even diarrhea.

You must know which food is a good choice to produce a nutritious diet to ensure a regular meal to prevent the above problems.

Foods you don’t have to mix with eggs.
Egg is a protein-friendly food, many of which are known as excellent food. It’s cheap and easy to use but the trouble is that it takes some time to digest; hence care should be taken to hold your eggs together so that your belly does not get tired.

These are foods that you never can consume with eggs to prevent devastating stomach effects:

1. Fish: it’s a poor mix. This is because avidin can neutralise vitamin B7, which contains fatty fish in significant amounts, as a component in eggs. For the metabolization of sugar, carbohydrates and protein in the body, vitamin B7 is quite necessary. Using veggies to produce your egg rather than seafood.

2. Potato: “It does not go well with eggs and potatoes in the belly. The potato requires minerals stopping iron and calcium from being consumed from eggs. It’ll lead to indigestion to eat these two together, so it’s really unpleasant.

3. Milk: Ultimately Some people consume milk eggs to increase their consumption of protein. However, not all proteins, such as egg and milk, are mutually compatible. Milk can be eaten independently of all other meal in order to fully digest the essential compounds it contains.

4. Any fruits: Some fruits such as strawberries, sauce and pears are not consumed until protein goods, eggs included. Fruit takes less time to digest than proteins that take longer to digest. You can have trouble with upsetting the stomach.

If you do not know whether to do between a delicious and a nutritious mix, please pick a healthful meal so that you do not witness what I have done. On the other hand, you still check the reaction of your body for any food you consume to avoid it in time.

Recall what you’re getting. Eat good, work well, be well.

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