Steps to avoid fornication

Fornication is on the rise each and every day this is Satan’s target against the body of Christ.

It’s my greatest heart desire to share with you how you can avoid fornication, so that you will not fall into the trap of the enemy. In every situation there is way out. God has given us wisdom and Christ is our wisdom.

Two important steps to avoid fornication.

1: Prayer: We need prayer to be able to deal with sin.

And said unto them, Why sleep ye? rise and pray, lest ye enter into temptation.

Luke 22:46

Prayer is very important to prevent you from falling into temptation.

Prayer strengthens you for whatever is coming your way. Next time you fast, get up early in the morning and pray before the day begins. You will find supernatural strength to go on.

This strength comes from prayer. When you pray, you build up your spirit and become spiritually strong. The Bible says the body without the spirit is dead.

That means the day your spirit goes out of your body, you will die. It also means that, whatever is happening in your body is affected by your spirit.

It helps you to fight off certain temptations. That is why Jesus said you should pray, in case you fall into temptation. That is why Jesus prayed all the time. Once, Jesus prayed for forty days and nights.

Soon after praying and fasting, the devil came to tempt Him, but He was too strong for the devil. The devil had chosen the wrong time to attack Christ.

Many years ago, the devil tried to bring a temptation my way. But that day, the Lord led me to pray for hours. I did not even know why the “tongues” seemed to be rolling out of me. That prayer delivered me! The Bible says we do not know what to pray for as we ought. Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow. But God knows!

That is why He said we should watch and pray in case anything happens. The disciples slept on that fateful night. All of them were tempted, and all of them fell. It is not only Judas who forsook Christ on that night. All the disciples deserted their master in the day of His greatest need.

2: Seek grace and mercy.

I think the grace of God is the most important factor. You may use all the other steps but you will still fall. You can use every “mathematical” or logical step under the sun:

deliverance, followed by honesty, plus sexually-active marriage and non-polygamous marriage, right through to early marriage, divided by a holy relationship, multiplied by a relationship unto marriage, to the square of no relationship! It is by grace and grace alone.

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