Slay Queen Cries Like A Baby Whilst Undergoing Buttocks Enlargement Procedure. (Video)

For the obvious reasons, many women pay so much attention to their breasts and butts; not just because they are vital body parts, but also because these sexual organs are central to their attractiveness by men.

Perhaps, out of the need to impress or boost their confidence level, some women resort to employing different means to enlarge these body parts; talk of breast enlargement and butts enlargement. To some younger persons, the bigger the better, while to some wives, big breasts and butts would increase their husbands’ desire for sex, especially knowing that men are moved by what they see.


In a video posted by GhArticles of Instagram, a young lady (slay queen) is seen crying like a baby as she endures a procedure in order to enlarge her backside and look more curvy and desirable by men. She kept weeping and complaining about the excruciating pains she was feeling in her butt and her loww back. Apparently, her friends who were present there kept encouraging and motivating her to endure the pains because the results of the procedure with be worth it.

The video has sparked a lot of reactions on social media as netizens keep reacting and commenting on the whole scene.

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