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Shatta Wale Kneels Before IGP to Beg After Arrogantly Storming Out of their Meeting

Dancehall king Shatta Wale showed his time in prison had taught him a few lessons after begging the IGP for forgiveness.

Wale run back into the meeting room with the IGP to plead for forgiveness after initially storming out in a huff.

Fear-gripped Shatta Wale even had to kneel before the IGP and beg for his apology to be properly accepted.

Shatta Wale earlier today once again let his unruly behaviour get the better of him.

The undisciplined dancehall star once again decided to cause a scene at the meeting between the IGP and celebrities held at the Police Headquarters.

During the meeting, Shatta Wale reportedly pulled out a mobile phone and was told to put it away.

Wale as usual lost his mind and stormed out of the meeting, complaining over being mistreated.

According to him, other celebrities were allowed to use their mobile phones yet after removing his phone he was being told to stop.

A video which came out showed Wale storming out, screaming on top of his lungs and complaining over being mistreated.


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