Sex workers in Accra have increased their rates because of the current economic woes.

The current economic crisis has led to a massive inflation on the prices of goods and services in Ghana. Everyone involved in buying and selling have all been affected. Due to this, sex workers in Accra have also increased their fees.

It seem like the economic hardship has affected commercial sex work as well. A trade that is regarded as the oldest trade in the world. Most of the commercial sex workers in the country are made up of foreigners from other African countries like Nigeria, Liberia and Ivory Coast.

In a report by JoyNews today, these ‘traders’ complained that they can no longer live on their old charges because of the recent hikes in fuel prices and rent. According to the majority of them that were interviewed, they said they used to charge 50 cedis for short time which lasted between 15 to 20 minutes. For a full night they charge 300 cedis. The new charges have seen an increase of up to a 100%. Which means they now charge 100 cedis for short and up to 600 cedis for a full night.

They also complained that their new charges have not gone down well with their customers who still insist on paying the old rates. They have therefore asked government to help alleviate some of these problems they face by decreasing the fuel prices.

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