Reasons Why You Should Marry A Wife From Your Village

There are several benefits of marrying village girls which a lot of men are too blinded to see or know about.

Village ladies are sometimes never seen as preferable choices when the issue of settling down comes to the mind of many men especially the ones that reside in cities. Also, acquired education has made a lot of men to look down on village girls and also see them as non-wife materials. Even as those ladies are sometimes more perfect than other women who live in the city, a good number of men will simply not see reasons why they should marry settle for them.

However, a lots of benefits lie in the decision of marrying a village girl which are mentioned below.

1. They are virtuous

Most people think village girls are spoilt due to the crude life they live. However this is grossly inaccurate and unfair. Village girls are under close supervision from their mothers unlike city ladies whose parents are always far away at work. Hence supervision is not strong. A comparism on the infidelity between village ladies and city ladies shows village ladies are more faithful. It is very clear that in a sample of 100 city ladies, 70% of them would exhibit high infidelity compared to 36% among village ladies.

2. They know how to cook your local delicacy

Most men would marry wives from the city only to end up in marriage complaining about how they miss their local delicacy. Often times their city wives don’t know how to cook it or they knows but don’t like cooking it. With a village wife you can barely miss home as she will pamper you with the best local dishes. From edika ekong, efo riro, afang, oya, You can name it all.


3. Your children will understand your local dialect and culture

Most city wives after undergoing several years acquiring one form of education or the other tend to look down on their local dialect and culture. They prefer speaking only English to their kids. The result is that their children would grow up without understanding of their culture nor been able to converse in their local dialect which is quite sad.


4. They are good on bed

There is no denying that village wives are the best at love making. Rural lives comes with its own sexiness and years of living in the natural undisturbed setting often confer on village ladies more sexual power than can be found in city ladies. If you are in doubt just try a village girl then make a comparism.

5. There is harmony in the home

Most men marry women only to engage in constant quarrel. You wonder why the need to marry in the first place. A village wife is unlikely to give you much problem as she will give you all the respect you deserve.


6. She will help you manage your finances

Unlike city wives who would demand all sorts of money from you, village wives are very economical and they are simple to maintain. Sometimes they will even save money without you knowing and give you all the proceeds. With a village wive you would be able to save a larger portion of your salary into meaningful projects.

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