Reasons why you should eat more garlic

The statement “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” is still one of the greatest medical prescriptions ever offered. And garlic is at the top of this food prescription list.

Garlic is one of the most commonly used food items. We are so used to it that we don’t even notice the uniqueness of this product. This pungent herb has been used in cooking and for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Read the whole story to know about its amazing benefits of it.

If you’ve failed to win the battle against those stubborn zits, it’s time you tackled the root cause of acne. Consuming two cloves of raw garlic with warm water will help you purify your blood, giving you visibly healthy skin.

Builds immunity:

If cold and flu never wants to leave you, let garlic work its charm. Consuming two or three cloves with a dash of honey and ginger every day will help you keep these frequent visitors at bay.

Fights cancer:

Research claims that garlic builds immunity to fight against various types of cancer such as that of the bladder, breast, and stomach.

Lowers cholesterol levels:

The antioxidant properties in garlic help in maintaining lower cholesterol levels. When consumed on a daily basis, your blood pressure and blood sugar levels too will be under check.

Treats infections:

The medicinal treasure has been gaining popularity owing to its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. Be it fighting oral cavities or internal parasites, garlic fights them all.

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