Reasons Why Doctors Always Wear Green Or Blue Clothes Before Surgery

Have you ever wondered why doctors and nurses always wear green or blue overalls in the operating room and never any other color? If so, you’re not alone. It has come to light that this activity, which at first glance may not appear to be significant, might in fact have an impact on the results of a surgical treatment. White, as is common knowledge, denotes cleanliness and innocence. During surgical procedures, the attending physician will likely be wearing either a green or a blue dress.

At one time or another, each one of us has been required to go to a medical facility. You must have spent a lot of time in the hospital, where everyone from nurses to physicians to ward boys wore white jackets. When they are about to perform surgery on a patient, these medical professionals, on the other hand, change into green or blue scrubs. You must have noticed a lot of doctors walking about the hospital wearing either green or blue scrubs. But why do people in the medical field, such physicians, nurses, and ward boys, usually wear green and blue uniforms when they are doing procedures? Why don’t they wear any other colors, like black, red, yellow, or any other ones? Today, I will respond to your inquiry with a comprehensive explanation that I have prepared for you.

According to Medicalnewstoday, the following are the primary explanations for why surgeons wear either green or blue scrubs during procedures.

1. During an operation, the color blue or green may be beneficial to surgeons’ eyes since it diverts their attention away from red things, such as patient blood and organs. Because the brain interprets colors in relation to other tones, this is done so that the surgeon, who has vision impairment, won’t be unfamiliar with colors like red or pink. This is necessary because of how the brain works. The red signal is beginning to fade in the brain. The sight of human organs and tissues might be difficult for those who work in the medical field. In the interim, the physician may perhaps heighten the sensitivity of his eyes to variations in the shade of red if he occasionally saw something green or blue.

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2. The red color of the patient’s organ is always in the field of vision of the doctor, which may produce a green optical illusion on a white surface and is unquestionably annoying. An optical illusion manifested itself as soon as the medical personnel turned their attention away from the reddish-colored body tissue and onto something white. According to Healthine, the internal organs of the patient will appear to the viewer as a green optical illusion superimposed on a white background.

An optical illusion is produced when white is used since it is composed of all of the colors on the color wheel, including green and red. However, the illusion would blend in appropriately with the color of the garments, so the physician would not be distracted even if the patient was wearing dark green or blue clothing instead of white.

According to Healthine, these colors also prevent the eyes from becoming fatigued and provide relaxation to the eyes while they are being used throughout the surgery. The eyes become tired due to the fact that they have to stay open for such a lengthy period of time. However, if the color green is seen right away, it causes a chill to come over the eyes (more active).

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